Kellie Everts, The One & Only, World Renown Stripper for God. The perfect-bodied  blonde who gave over a thousand sermons in nightclubs and burlesque theaters. As seen Playboy magazine, including for Ms. Nude Universe, Stripping for God and Humping Iron, the first female bodybuilder. Kelllie's voluptuous figure has graced Playboy over 9 times since the early 1970's and performed for 3 months a the Playboy Club Chicago 1978 Kellie, the Progenitor of Female Bodybuilding, who along with the photography of Jean-Paul Goude, singelhandedly launched the sport in the mass-media, being featured in Esquire, Vogue, Oui, Playboy and many others. Kellie's muscles were some of the first on a female. Browse site to read more.






JULY, 1977. Puerto Rico.


Kellie returns to dancing after three years as a community organizer and minister in New York City. (1974-77 see site numerous images & stories on ministry.) Featured newspaper story and large photo in San Juan Press. (See site)



SEPTEMBER, 1977. New York.


Give sermon (sermons started Sept. 23, 1973) at the Melody Burlesque Theater, 48th and Broadway. Reporter from New York Times takes pictures. (see site)



NOVEMBER, 1977. Montreal, Canada.


Kellie hits the front page of the Montreal Star and The Gazette on November 18, working at the Sex-Tuple Club. "Stripper Peels For Church" and "Kellie Spreading the Word and Gets Down to Bare Facts." Appearing on the front page of the Star, and front of the Entertainment section of Gazette (large photos) in one day creates quite a stir.



JANUARY 5, 1978. Chicago.

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3 Months at the Playboy Club in Chicago 1978


Kellie begins a three-month engagement as the star of the 'Minsky's Follies' at the Chicago Playboy Club.


A. Many hardships and victories experienced recounted on the site as the 'I Strip For God' article.


3 Months At The Playboy Club 1978

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B. Columnist Bob Greene in the Chicago Sun-Times interview of Kellie is published,syndicated in 65 papers, called "Stripper For Christ," January 9, first day of the show. This type of attention makes waves with other cast members, and they begin a campaign of persecution.



Betrothal to Our Lord Jesus Christ.


The room fills with supernatural light, Jesus speaks to her and gives her Three Rings of Light On Her Left Hand. He asks Kellie what three wishes she wants granted in honor of this betrothal and promises, 'YOU WILL DIE IN MY ARMS.'

A. Severe humiliation and great spiritual and personal success go hand in hand for Kellie at Chicago.


Amidst attacks of various kinds from the cast and certain members of the management, Kellie is continually courted by the press. She has begun her campaign at the command of God, who said to her, "Get into every media venue that you can. This way you will reach more people than standing on the street handing out papers." (Kellie was spending her days off (Sunday) preaching the need for prayer, especially the Rosary of Our Blessed Mother.)

B. In the three months Kellies appears in every newspaper and magazine in Chicago, on radio, and on six television shows, talking about the meaning of 'Stripping for God.'


She appears on all the talk shows in Chicago, some more than once. She also does an article for Playboy that will have sixteen photos of her in the July 1978 issue (see further below for article). This media success (which Kellie works on during her off hours) garners increased jealousy from a few members, who redouble their efforts to torment her. God also removes consolation from her so that her pains are increased. She feels three months of (except for the special graces) a 'dark night of the soul.'



C. Last day of the show, her anguish is made complete.


While Kellie performs, jealous members play a flushing toilet, get her best friend 'Joy LeNuit' to dance behind her imitating her. When she takes her bow they hit her with 'pies' in the face and breasts. (This was not done in the spirit of fun with Kellie, but laughing AT Kellie, by those who had done a lot of mischief throughout the engagement.) She never took revenge on anyone, saying to her friend, "My success will be my revenge."




MAY 27, 1978
Vow of Celibacy to Our Holy Mother.


For years now - since 1968 - Kellie has been struggling with the desire for celibacy. Finally, Our Holy Mother appears to her, asking her to take the vow 'not to have sex with men' any more. The Blessed Virgin gives her the grace to keep the vow, and in the year 2006 it is still intact.




JUNE 16, 1978.
Washington D.C. Fatima Speech.

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The Power of Our Lady of Fatima - Kellie Everts is Her Messenger in Ending the Cold War


A Supreme Moment in the life of Kellie Everts. With friend Betty Jane Allsup the Message of Fatima is preached in front of the White House, (in Lafayette Park.) There are at least four television cameras and dozens of reporters including Associated Press. They do not realize it at the time, but world events will change quickly according to the words of Our Lady of Fatima. All that Mary asks for will occur after this event. In October the Pope from behind the Iron Curtain will be elected, and
in 1984, he will consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. This is the beginning of the end of Communism!


Kellie sees a vision of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Mary commissions Kellie to show the whole world Her Immaculate Heart. A great Cross comes from the sky, and is dipped into a pool of milk, then returns to the sky. Kellie does not understand this vision until many years later, when Jesus tells her that He is the Cross, and Mary is the milk, by his coming to earth was merged in her humanity and then returned to Heaven. This stresses the fact of the union of the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts - Jesus and Mary are One.


JULY 6, 1978. Tom Snyder Show.


Kellie flies to California for a national interview on "Stripping for God."



JULY, 1978.



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Playboy article comes out with sixteen photos of Kellie 'Stripping For God'.



JULY 10, 1978.
Kellie Enters Canada for a
four-week engagement in Montreal.


Several different newspapers do stories on Kellie - covers of Minuet and New Saturday, the Sunday Express, the National Examiner, and the Journal of Montreal in French.



AUGUST 1, 1978. Ottawa, Canada.
Kellie preaches in front of the Canadian Parliament!


Gets on National French and English TV news. The speech is "God Wants National Unity in Canada." The next day the Prime minister campaigns for it. Kellie hits front page in Ottawa and gets coverage by the Canadian Press (the A.P. of Canada).


Kellie Everts preaches in front of the Canadian Parliament Peace Tower - Ottawa - August 1, 1978. Gets on national French and English TV News. The speech is "God wants national unity in Canada." (There was a brauha regarding separating Montreal from Canada, turning it French.) The next day Prime Minister Trudeau goes on TV to promote national unity, and soon after, Queen Elizabeth arrives from England to campaign for it. Kellie hits the front page in Ottawa and the national Canadian Press covers her. (In fact, it was an idea given her by a Canadian reporter who photographed her during the great Wash. D.C. speech. He was soon on his way to Canada and suggested to Kellie to go there and preach in front of the Parliament. Kellie took him up on it. As she entered the airport in Canada she heard the conflict about separatism and knew what it was the appropriate subject for her sermon.) If Kellie looks like she is tired, she was. She was so excited and nervous she could not sleep a wink all night. After the speech she was driven back to Montreal by a reporter (who also drove her there) and had to do four shows, dancing. It was all she could do to stay awake for the shows. But this was her nature - no matter how hard a project was, she had to do it if it was for God and publicity.)



OCTOBER , 1978.

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Playboy picture & letter on Kellie's speech in Washington D.C.



NOVEMBER 6, 1978.
Cleveland, Ohio. Kellie Arrested.

Kellie's fame now causes publicity driven arrests! (There will be two in her career both for versions of 'nudity') She appears in every newspaper and TV show in Cleveland multiple times, hitting the front page for the arrest. For the first time in the history of Cleveland a stripteaser hits all three T.V. news. Kellie surprises a lot of people in Cleveland by her staunch, happy attitude after the arrest, counting herself lucky to suffer with Christ. If they put her in jail, she tells the news, she will get a chance to convert the inmates.


JANUARY 8, 1979. West Warwick, Rhode Island.
United Press International.

While performing in an obscure place in Rhode Island, Kellie is contacted by U.P.I. Hits thousands of papers and causes a chain reaction of more publicity, T.V. news and front pages. This is one of the few places in her life Kellie Everts is in almost total bliss. There is a church nearby where she attends mass every day, and the local press and townspeople regard Kellie as a saint.


It is at this job that Kellie is notified her mother is dying of cancer. She is well aware of some of her mother's sins, the seven abortions, as well as the abuse heaped upon herself and others. She prays to God,


'Do not let her go to Hell, I will pay for her sins.'


Years later she is told the prayer bore fruit. (It is because of this event that Kellie spends extra time in the church across the street from the theater.)



JANUARY 29, 1979. Binghamton, New York.


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Front page Binghamton Press-Sun Bulletin, two T.V. news and a talk show. Appearing in a local nightclub, the pillars of society come to see Kellie. The Mayor and chief of police are there for her last night. They have brought their families and say they are sad that Kellie is leaving. All try to make her stay longer. Little do they know how much she is suffering on this job. First her mother is dying of cancer. Second, the motel where she is had no restaurant or market nearby, and no telephone in the rooms. (She is without car, the management rarely provide help of any sort....taxies to get to a market miles away are exorbitant. These club owners, in all the years Kellie worked, never once asked her if she had need of anything. Nor do they ever THINK about what the dancer might be lacking.... Kellie lives on boxes of dry cereal most of the two weeks. She worked at a club once that had only a pizza parlor nearby, and that was all she ate for two weeks. Could not eat pizza again for years!) She is stranded. But the worst part is, she is deathly afraid of the owner, who went into a rage during an argument and Kellie runs out and calls the police. She does return when the the owners wife begs her to. She finishes the job under extreme strain.



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Kellie appeared in Playboy 9 times and hopes that Playboy
will one day do review of her life & present activities.


Kellie's bust on the table of contents


FEBRUARY, 13, 1979.


Channel 11 News in New York does a story on Kellie, and features the testimony of a dancer, Betty Jane Allsup, she has helped.



MARCH 9, 1979.


Kellie's mother, 54, dies of cancer in New York. Kellie grieves, and recalls the tribulations she went through because of her mother's abuse.

MARCH 11, 1979.


Filming documentary on Kellie for Real People, NBC, all day. She tries to put her Mom's death out of her thoughts while filming, and it is challenging.




MARCH 12, 1979.

Mother Regina's funeral, New York.


Kellie is instrumental in birthing the idea of 'reality tv.'


Preach and hand out copies of "God In The Government" speech recently written by Kellie. Location; in front of George Washington's statue, Wall Street Stock Exchange.


MARCH 19, 1979. Pittsburgh, PA.


Kellie performs and preaches 30 shows. hits all the T.V. news.



APRIL 23, 1979. Toronto, Canada.

April 22nd, 1979

April 23rd, 1979


Kellie Everts has landslide press in Toronto, with 30,000 people seeing her in person at the Metro Theater (seats 2,000).

Campaigning for Prime Minister Trudeau in his bid for Prime Minister, she goes in person where he is speaking. After getting on all the news is hauled out by detectives. Prime Minister jokingly says he has to cut short his speech because one of his staunchest supporters, (Kellie Everts), is waiting for him. Everyone laughs. But Kellie hits all the news (for the second time.) They feature a paper the management printed, extolling the virtues of Prime Minister Trudeau, with Kellie bare breasted! It is shown right on the news, and they say,


'Trudeaumania is not dead!'



MAY, 1979. Toronto, Canada.

May 3rd, 1979

May 3rd, 1979

A. Kellie is arrested. Spends all night getting arraigned. hits all news and front pages again.

B. Kellie pickets Attorney General's office in Toronto. Hits all news again. Kellie has been on radio, news, and newspapers every day of her two weeks in Toronto. Attorney's hired for Kellie film the whole show for her upcoming trial, preaching and dancing. Unfortunately, nobody then knows that Kellie will not come back to Toronto (because of a threat on her life) for some years. (In 1981 there is a trial in Kellie's absence. ALAN GREENSPAN, one of the top lawyers in Canada, represents her. She is found NOT GUILTY of all charges.)



APRIL 25, 1979.
Real People Show aired first time.


The REAL PEOPLE Show, the start of Reality TV, had Kellie Everts as their first featured story April 25, 1979. She danced, preached, spoke to interviewer Fred Willard,and LIFTED WEIGHTS.


Fred Willard was one of the dearest persons Kellie ever met. He came to her apartment for the Real People Show. Sarah Purcell was the Host, and George Schlatter the producer. They loved Kellie Everts and ran her story many times till 1984.


While Kellie is in Toronto, unknown to her, the Real People Show with her life story is aired. It presents her doing weightlifting (first women, later Laura Combes but Kellie was first on all fronts for female bodybuilding in the media) and Stripping for God.



MAY 11, 1979. California.


The guru/mentor of Kellie Everts, Verna Talbot, 60, founder of One World Light church, dies, of heart failure.


On the night of Verna Talbot's death, Kellie Everts was in her apartment in New York. She heard a voice tell her to pray for those in their agony of death, and after doing so, received a vision of the work her guru wanted her to do. For the last time her teacher instructs her to help mankind, and Kellie promises God that she will. Kellie does not know Rev. Talbot is dying. The great White Light in the room emanates the words, 'Promise me that you will help humanity.'


JUNE 4, 1979.


Kellie Everts, with Betty Jane Allsup, preaches Our Lady of Fatima message second year in Washington, in front of the White House, but this time, with little attention.


She does get one appearance on television (Panorama, Washington) and a radio talk show. While appearing at the Plaza Theater (as the year before) a young man is saved from suicide by Kellie's. (Kellie watched a man jump under the tracks of an oncoming subway in Montreal...she signed the deposition.... and asked God to help her save another person to make up for him. Such a person comes to her for prayer and afterward tells her he feels different and no longer wants to die.)



JUNE 18. 1979. Dayton, Ohio.


Kellie dances & preaches at a burlesque theater and appears on the news, radio and newspapers.



JULY 28, 1979.
Father of Kellie Everts, 73, dies in Spain.

Stasys Jakstas
1906 - 1979

Kellie flies to Spain and mourns his death for three weeks. Recalls fond and sad memories of the Dad who loved her as a child, but abandoned her later on.



AUGUST 22 - 23, 1979.
The Mudd Club, New York.


Kellie appears in this notorious club to lift weights and preach. Feels power of Satan here, and prays hard to break it. Makes a big hit with a new audience.



AUGUST 1, 1979.


Real People Show aired second time while Kellie was in Spain.


SEPTEMBER 3, 1979.
Harlows, New York City.

Kellie begins an engagement of four weeks where she gives 120 performances preaching and dancing. She feels she is helping New York prepare for the coming of Pope John-Paul II.


SEPTEMBER 7, 1979.
Maria Shriver's PM Magazine Feature on Kellie

Maria Shriver did a marvelous story on Kellie Everts for PM Magazine, Baltimore, in 1979. Weight lifting, preaching and totally nude dancing made the ratings go through the roof.


The documentary on Kellie's life was filmed at Harlows and elsewhere by syndicated from Baltimore Evening Magazine Show. This is produced and directed by MARIA SHRIVER, who later becomes MARIA SHWARZENNEGER. Maria asks Kellie about Arnold, but 'mum' is the word! (The one favor Arnold ever gave Kellie is he directed Maria to her Kellie keeps her mouth shut about 'the affair.') When Kellie visits Baltimore, she finally gets a copy of the show, (Maria did not supply one) and the station manager refuses to give her a copy. He leaves the desk for a while. Kellie starts her rosary, and feel impelled to walk down the hall. There is a man sitting with her picture on his desk! And this man quickly copies off the show to her! She walks back to the managers office, and he momentarily returns, saying,

'You still here?'

She says she was just leaving.


These photos were taken in 1979, near the time of the
PM MAGAZINE TV presentation produced by Maria Shriver.


It was one of the most popular stories ever. Sure, she was shown NUDE (out of focus). Her weight lifting prowess (are you reading, historians of female body building?) as well as Stripping for God were featured.


OCTOBER 2, 1979.


Kellie attends the mass of John-Paul II in Yankee Stadium.



OCTOBER 22, 1979. Wheeling, West Virginia.


Performing and getting into the newspapers, and radio.



NOVEMBER 21, 1979.
Real People Anniversary Show.


Kellie is honored and given a lot of air time, on her third appearance on the show.



DECEMBER 10, 1979.


Kellie begins a month's work in nightclubs in Nashville, Chattanooga, and a theater in Chicago. She is now making a record salary of $3,000. weekly. (In those days few women earned that much, perhaps only two others in the business.) Is so sick with flu in Chattanooga she can barely make it through, but 'the show must go on.' Gets one big article here in the local press of Chattanooga. (see site)




DECEMBER 1979. Chicago.


Gives 56 performances in Chicago, preaching and dancing. She is sick with a severe all-night hacking cough, and attacks from a jealous performer, who follows Kellie down the street with armed boyfriend in car. The enraged female walks up to Kellie and asks her to fight (so the boyfriend can shoot her?) This is all on account of the media attention Kellie gets, plus her physical magnitude. Kellie walks back to the club and calls the police, who escort her to the apartment nearby.



JANUARY 10, 1980. Baltimore, MD.


Begins an engagement at a nightclub in Baltimore. One of the rare times the management actually holds a 'press conference.' (Metro Theater also arranged one, and Cleveland New Era Theater.) Appears on Channel 11 and Channel 2 news and talk shows.


FEBRUARY 9, 1980. New York.


Kellie Everts comes closer to God in a Mystical Union. God gives her a great deal more Strength, Love and Spirituality.




FEBRUARY 12, 1980. New York.


Kellie begins to organize "Women for Equal Rights in the Defense of Our Country."


FEBRUARY 18, 1980.

Kellie with demonstraters in front of a Brooklyn Army & Navy recruiting center

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Women For Equal Rights in Defense of Our Country

Demonstration organized by Kellie in front of the Navy and Marine recruiting stations in Brooklyn. Covered by T.V. news from stations 2, 5, 7 & 11, Daily News and Post Page 5, front page Newsworld. Associated Press and UPI send out stories. Kellie is called by 25 radio stations for interviews and several big T.V. shows. Tapes Midday Live Show on the military that week. Become an instant Icon for women's involvement in military, with full rights for combat duty. (Shortly afterward Communists proselytize in this very neighborhood, on the streets! As they hand out literature, Kellie wonders if it had anything to do with her event.)


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NY Post and NY Daily News articles on Kellie's demonstrstion


MARCH, 1980. New York.

Kellie receives a citation merit from the United States Marine Corps, a letter of thank you and best wishes from President Carter (for the Women in the Defense of Our Country efforts), and a letter with blessing from Pope John-Paul II for Masses she obtained for him.








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