Kellie Everts, The One & Only, World Renown Stripper for God. The perfect-bodied  blonde who gave over a thousand sermons in nightclubs and burlesque theaters. As seen Playboy magazine, including for Ms. Nude Universe, Stripping for God and Humping Iron, the first female bodybuilder. Kelllie's voluptuous figure has graced Playboy over 9 times since the early 1970's and performed for 3 months a the Playboy Club Chicago 1978 Kellie, the Progenitor of Female Bodybuilding, who along with the photography of Jean-Paul Goude, singelhandedly launched the sport in the mass-media, being featured in Esquire, Vogue, Oui, Playboy and many others. Kellie's muscles were some of the first on a female. Browse site to read more.



Kellie Everts preaches in front of the Canadian Parliament Peace Tower - Ottawa - August 1, 1978. Gets on national French and English TV News. The speech is "God wants national unity in Canada." (There was a brauha regarding separating Montreal from Canada, turning it French.) The next day Prime Minister Trudeau goes on TV to promote national unity, and soon after, Queen Elizabeth arrives from England to campaign for it. Kellie hits the front page in Ottawa and the national Canadian Press covers her. (In fact, it was an idea given her by a Canadian reporter who photographed her during the great Wash. D.C. speech. He was soon on his way to Canada and suggested to Kellie to go there and preach in front of the Parliament. Kellie took him up on it. As she entered the airport in Canada she heard the conflict about separatism and knew what it was the appropriate subject for her sermon.) If Kellie looks like she is tired, she was. She was so excited and nervous she could not sleep a wink all night. After the speech she was driven back to Montreal by a reporter (who also drove her there) and had to do four shows, dancing. It was all she could do to stay awake for the shows. But this was her nature - no matter how hard a project was, she had to do it if it was for God and publicity.)





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