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Kellie Everts is contacted by the Morton Downey Jr. Show. She knows it's a snake pit for women, and declines, saying, "I'm not ready to do the show yet. But I'll get ready, and will let you know."

There were reasons why any woman in entertainment, especially the sex trade, would wilt at the thought of the Downey Show. He was brutal to women and he demolished sex-trade workers. One of his first shows featured three porno women. After he vented his spleen on them, two of them walked off the show, while the third sat there crying. Kellie heard about this, and was determined to stand up to Morton Downey Jr. and resist the devil.

She called her best friend, Joe the lawyer, and they made a game plan. She was to rehearse every line and every insult Downey and his guests would throw at her. They both watched the show every week and discussed it. They noticed which guests were regulars, and anticipated what these regulars would attack her with. And every day, Kellie prayed. This went on for over two months.

A few days before the appointed show, Kellie was lying in bed almost asleep. She had been reading a book by Andrea Dworkin which had a chapter on St. Joan of Arc. Andrea Dworkin said that the reason the men wanted St. Joan to wear a dress instead of pants is that they were raping her there, in jail, in chains, and pants made it difficult. The Catholic high-up churchmen raped her. This infuriated Kellie, and she fell asleep thinking about it. Suddenly there was a brilliant light inside her head. It startled her.

"What was that?" she asked rhetorically.

"It was me," a voice inside her said. "Joan of Arc. I came to give you my courage."

The day of the show, nobody expected what happened. A blonde beauty was given preference over Kellie, and Bill Boggs said to her (the other female): "Go - take over the show."

As soon as Kellie's name was announced by Downey and she stood up, she felt the power of the Holy Spirit enter her. It was the experience of the Spirit making you feel like a giant, expanding your soul and making you larger than anyone or anything around you.

You needed that kind of a Spirit to fight these kind of demons. This is why none of the other women had been able to stand up to him - THEY HAD NOT PRAYED. The ladies on the show with Kellie did not fare much better. One started well but evaporated after he yelled in her face. Another one, after being insulted terribly, feebly fought back, but later collapsed in torment and pain. The beauty who was supposed to take over the show just sat there - she had been given a head start by speaking alone for the first ten minutes - but after Kellie got on she was totally eclipsed.

What Kellie did exasperated the men and drove them to hysteria. They turned into raging lunatics. She simply stood her ground and fought - not dirty, like them - but clean. They had never seen a woman on television fight back, and it brought out even more of the lowlife animal in them.

(To be continued...)


Click the thumbnails below to read the TV transcript of Kellie's appearance on the Morton Downey Jr. Show which originally appeared in D-CUP magazine June 1989



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