Kellie Everts, The One & Only, World Renown Stripper for God. The perfect-bodied  blonde who gave over a thousand sermons in nightclubs and burlesque theaters. As seen Playboy magazine, including for Ms. Nude Universe, Stripping for God and Humping Iron, the first female bodybuilder. Kelllie's voluptuous figure has graced Playboy over 9 times since the early 1970's and performed for 3 months a the Playboy Club Chicago 1978 Kellie, the Progenitor of Female Bodybuilding, who along with the photography of Jean-Paul Goude, singelhandedly launched the sport in the mass-media, being featured in Esquire, Vogue, Oui, Playboy and many others. Kellie's muscles were some of the first on a female. Browse site to read more.




Woman Thou Art God - Matriarchy & Female Empowerment. Articles accompanied by images of powerful women for the fight to overcome the evils of patriarchy and bring the reader closer to God.

Brand new critically acclaimed movie, Aimee Semple McPherson,
on the life of The Greatest Woman Of The Twentieth Century





I Strip For God - The Official Website Of Kellie Everts, The Progenitor Of Female Bodybuilding & The Avatar Of Female Empowerment. She preached in front of the White House as the messenger of Our Lady Of Fatima, whose power ended the Cold War.


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