Kellie Everts, The One & Only, World Renown Stripper for God. The perfect-bodied  blonde who gave over a thousand sermons in nightclubs and burlesque theaters. As seen Playboy magazine, including for Ms. Nude Universe, Stripping for God and Humping Iron, the first female bodybuilder. Kelllie's voluptuous figure has graced Playboy over 9 times since the early 1970's and performed for 3 months a the Playboy Club Chicago 1978 Kellie, the Progenitor of Female Bodybuilding, who along with the photography of Jean-Paul Goude, singelhandedly launched the sport in the mass-media, being featured in Esquire, Vogue, Oui, Playboy and many others. Kellie's muscles were some of the first on a female. Browse site to read more.


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Esquire in July 1975 that started it all. P
hotographs by Jean-Paul Goude.



A nationally syndicated column which resulted from the Esquire article on Kellie and female bodybuilding.


Elle magazine in France dedicated a page to the one and only female bodybuilder in 1975.
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Click on thumbnails to see the original HUMPING IRON article which appeared in
Playboy in May 1977. P
hotographs by Jean-Paul Goude.


The remarks attributed to Kellie, published by Playboy, could not have helped. They ridiculed the contests, like Ms Universe, "which did not take it all off and therefore, did not present a true show of beauty." Kellie never even spoke to them - was never interviewed. She shows up to work one day in Manhattan (dancing) and a reporter is waiting for her "about the lawsuit." "What lawsuit?" She is shaken. He says he needs a photo immediately, in a bikini. In a state of shock, Kellie lets him take the photo under the worst of lighting conditions. He takes the ugliest shot of her she's ever seen. She can't sleep nights thinking of it. Not long after, she persuades an editor friend to go into the files and destroy the photo. The Ms Nude Universe Contest was so well publicized by Kellie's presence (Playboy and front page Tattler) that the following year they offer a prize of $500. Kellie could use the money and decides to enter. The promoters say to her, "We can't let you enter because if you do, the other women will drop out." The prizes Kellie got for the great contest? It was a bottle of suntan lotion - which was stolen - a necklace that cost $1.98 - and a bouquet of wax roses wrapped in tinfoil. The MARKETING value to promote her dance act was the value factor.

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1973 Mr. Olympia poster which Arnold, Kellie and Franco (Arnold's best friend) appeared on together. Click thumbnail to see full version. Notice the prize money.


Kellie Everts is on top right, next to the queen, with her second place and "best body" trophies, and on the bottom, left, with all the men champs. Tom Minichiello, who we mentioned several times in this book, is the baldy in the tan jacket to the left of Ben Weider who is dead center below, while Joe Weider is dead center above. (Joe looks much better now than he did then!)



Arnold was jealous of the Kellie publicity surrounding the events. He spoke about it. It's noteworthy that no one promoted Kellie. She did her own work. Arnold had Joe Weider, an entire industry, backing him up and promoting him.

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Dan Lurie had a great house with swimming pool in Long Island and he got Kellie and some of his other bodybuilders to pose there - just for fun.
Soho Weekly News was a significant paper from New Jersey, which sent staff out for stories. Here Kellie is pictured doing "the vacuum," a sort of yoga-bodybuilding principle where you suck all the air out of your stomach. Makes for great photos! One of the guys taught it to Kellie & she loved it. She also noticed that our great JAYNE MANSFIELD used this principle for her superb photos!

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A page from Dan Lurie's Muscle Training Illustrated, depicting Kellie and Dan and one of the queens and other bodybuilders talking and posing for a CBS television show. Click on thumbnail to read the original article.



Click on thumbnail to see full sized version of the Dan Lurie 1975 WBBG Pro. It is notable that the editors and promoters usually chose the pictures of Kellie that featured her good-sized breasts. It is not Kellie's fault that they did this - yet it is the grounds on which catty girls and nasty boys continually criticize her in regards to body building.

"Tits and ass is all she was," they often say. But there are good grounds for having good breasts. People like them. Arnold likes them. Arnold even said he was trying extra hard to have a really good chest for himself - it was one of his favorite body parts. So why the fracas? If breasts are a no-no, why didn't these broads stay as they are instead of getting implants? Many if not all of the Ms Olympias got implants. It is said that unless you have a decent set of breasts, you can't win the contests. So let's stop the prudishness and hypocrisy, Kellie says. Let's all now look in the mirror and admit that we are obsessed with women's breasts. We were all babies and drank milk from our Mother's breasts, and we can't forget it.



Kellie Everts holding a copy of her bodybuilding book, The Ultimate Woman, in 1981. It was the first book published on a female body builder with her name on it.



Click on both images to see full sized original publications. In May 1981 Vogue magazine needed a woman with a powerful arm and shoulder. The only woman they could find for this in New York City was Kellie Everts. This photo was also used in the New York Times ad for their article on fitness, May 7, 1981 (original date clearly seen below). Photo by the famed Irving Penn.



WILL THE REAL FOUNDER OF FEMALE BODYBUILDING PLEASE STAND UP! To Tell The Truth, 1975. Kellie was teamed with two other beauties to stump the panel. Where were the Lisa Lyons then?



Kellie Everts being interviewed for thirty minutes over the "A.M. Washington" WMAL A.B.C. Show Wednesday, July 16th 1975. The Esquire article was a major hit, which got Americans thinking about women's bodybuilding. Kellie did a tour of Washington TV, radio and meetings discussing the subject.



The MIKE DOUGLAS SHOW IN 1975 was so PRUDISH that they insisted Kellie bring a leotard, not a bikini. When she arrived they said, "Didn't you bring your bikini?" Someone RAN OUT to a store with five sample bikinis, one of which fit Kellie. The men couldn't understand muscles on women and reacted in a bizarre fashion.



Stanley Siegel and Bill Boggs Shows featured Kellie many times in the seventies, out of New York, for both bodybuilding and Stripping For God. Bill Boggs later was the producer of the "mighty mouth" Morton Downey Jr. Show. He said to Kellie after the show, "You were the toughest one since I've been here." (See complete transcript of that monumental show and pictures elsewhere.) Stanley Siegel was the ONLY talk show host, out of numerous spots Kellie did, who took her out to dinner!





The REAL PEOPLE Show, the start of Reality TV, had Kellie Everts as their first featured story April 25, 1979. She danced, preached, spoke to interviewer Fred Willard,and LIFTED WEIGHTS.


Fred Willard was one of the dearest persons Kellie ever met. He came to her apartment for the Real People Show. Sarah Purcell was the Host, and George Schlatter the producer. They loved Kellie Everts and ran her story many times till 1984.




Lisa Lyon and Kellie Everts were featured on Tom Snyder in 1981. It was ironic that Lisa Lyon, who tried to take Kellie's thunder away, was out muscled by Kellie. In 1981 Mz Lyon was giving up. She was perturbed that other women were more muscular than her and she knew her days were numbered as the mouthpiece of the sport. Kellie Everts had beaten Mz Lyon by coming out with the first book on a female by a female, but Lisa followed within three months. As both were promoting their books they were invited together for the show, to pose and speak. Kellie wore a white bikini and white cotton dress, while Lisa wore a red bikini and red satin party dress. Lisa outtalked Kellie, but Kellie out muscled Lisa, since she was in the best shape of her life. By 1981, both women had contributed all they could for the sport. Others would now take over. But there was only one first - Kellie. This is proven by the facts. Whatever the self-serving bodybuilding industry says, read this site and the facts speak for themselves. The photo of Mz Lyon was printed in 1981 in a magazine, and the photo of Kellie taken for her book, "The Ultimate Woman," in 1980.



PROOF EVERYONE KNEW KELLIE WAS THE PROGENITOR OF FEMALE BODYBUILDING: So Gaines and Butler had no idea who Kellie was? They - like everyone else - received this program for the first Ms Olympia, and there is an excellent write up for Kellie, insomuch as saying she's the one who brought it on. But Gaines and Butler have their heads in the sand, maybe because Arnold owns the Ostrich farm.

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She alerted the press and got a big write up with a
great picture in a top Philadelphia newspaper.

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MISS NUDE UNIVERSE 1967 (featured in Playboy February 1968) and Dan Lurie's MS BODY BEAUTIFUL USA, KELLIE EVERTS. To those who scoff at the glamorous origins of Kellie Everts, why are the MS OLYMPIA CHAMPIONS NOW TAKING IT ALL OFF FOR BILL DOBBINS?...WITH FULL APPROVAL FROM JOE AND BEN WEIDER AND ARNOLD SCHWARZENNEGER?







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