Kellie Everts, The One & Only, World Renown Stripper for God. The perfect-bodied  blonde who gave over a thousand sermons in nightclubs and burlesque theaters. As seen Playboy magazine, including for Ms. Nude Universe, Stripping for God and Humping Iron, the first female bodybuilder. Kelllie's voluptuous figure has graced Playboy over 9 times since the early 1970's and performed for 3 months a the Playboy Club Chicago 1978 Kellie, the Progenitor of Female Bodybuilding, who along with the photography of Jean-Paul Goude, singelhandedly launched the sport in the mass-media, being featured in Esquire, Vogue, Oui, Playboy and many others. Kellie's muscles were some of the first on a female. Browse site to read more.


1. They are born in the same German-speaking area, he in Austria, she in Germany, at about the same time and in the same month, July.


Earliest photos of Arnold and Kellie before they knew what contests were. You can figure out which one Arnold is because he is sucking the nipple. It's Kellie's passport photo leaving Germany and arriving in the U.S. age almost five.


This surprise birthday greeting was received by Kellie through the efforts of her sister, who did a lot of traveling and has friends who travel the world.


2. They both move, at a young age, away from their family, to Southern California - to the exact same areas; Santa Monica, Venice, and Pacific Palisades. Kellie Everts lives right next to the Santa Monica Pier, overlooking the ocean. Her baby Vivian is born at St. John's hospital, Santa Monica. She goes to Zucky's all the time; so does Arnold. (He met a waitress, Barbara Outland, who became his first serious romance.) Kellie Everts moves to Pacific Palisades. Arnold lives in a mansion in Pacific Palisades today, with his wife Maria and children. But Kellie and Arnold NEVER MEET in California - they meet in New York.

3. Arnold and Kellie both begin entering contests in 1965. Kellie enters her first body building contest via photo (see image) in Strength & Health and she also enters Ms. Marina Del Ray and Miss Pacific Palisades. Arnold and Kellie eventually become the two people who bring the bodybuilding industry to mega-proportions. He obviously is the catalyst for men, she for women. (There is an argument here for Joe Weider and his Empire. He was extremely important, but without Arnold's rise to fame, would his empire have gotten that big?) And without Kellie's presence bodybuilding for women might never have come about. (There is also an argument here against Kellie, that she did not have the muscles later women had. So a model-T Ford wasn't a Mercedes. Neither was the Spirit of St. Louis a jet plane. Neither did Thomas Alva Edison see the future of his inventions....mark this, however: It took a LONG TIME between Kellie Everts and the JET PLANE, which was women like Lenda Murray. Now there are hundreds of JET PLANES but there was only ONE progenitor. The first wave after Kellie Everts, which included Lisa Lyon, were not "jet planes." They were about as muscular as Kellie...if any of these women, including Lisa Lyon, say bodybuilding was her idea, not Kellie's, ask her what new ideas she got after body building. Study patterns. Look at Kellie's life - look at theirs. In Kellie there is a pattern of breakthroughs and one-of-a kind ideas, and unheard-of-before behavior. This happens again and again because she is the AVATAR OF FEMALE EMPOWERMENT, sent by God on a mission. Examine the lives of these women when they got out of body building. What NEW - UNUSUAL - or REMARKABLE ideas did they generate?)


Click thumbnail the see Kellie in Strength & Health for her first bodybuilding competition, Miss World Body Beautiful 1965.

Both Arnold & Kellie entered their first bodybuilding competition in 1965 and both entered their last competition in 1980. In 1980 he entered his last Mr. Olympia and Kellie entered the first Ms. Olympia.


Both Arnold and Kellie had a very big year in 1967. It was, for both of them, the beginning of careers in the limelight; their first taste of fame. Arnold was the youngest man to win the Mr. Universe in London. Kellie won the Ms NUDE Universe and would soon appear in Playboy - with all kinds of attention from that. Both were showing off their bodies NEARLY NUDE. Kellie was actually wearing more than Arnold. He had on one item of clothing - his trunks - while she had on two items of clothing. No one suspected that, along with her shoes, Kellie was wearing a wig. There's a story to this. Kellie was told she'd win the Ms Nude because every year - it was given to a blonde. Kellie wanted to prove she could win without being a blonde, so she covered her platinum hair with this wig. Because of this, there was a shakeup, and the head judge, Lou Nova, was booted out of the contest from then on in. He wanted to pick a platinum flat-chested blonde, and the other judges told him, "You have a problem buddy, and you can go to Hell. Kellie is our choice." So Kellie won, and Lou Nova was never seen again with his towel in front of his penis.


4. Both Kellie and Arnold - after bodybuilding, enter into the movie business. Arnold, on the world stage, and Kellie, in an underground industry. Arnold becomes synonymous with "Terminator," a cyborg that is almost unbeatable, and other macho roles. ( He also excels at the softer roles. ) Kellie Everts becomes synonymous with female domination, power over men, and produces, within twelve years, over 400 videos. Arnold, through movies, becomes extremely wealthy; Kellie's income triples.


When Arnold entered the scene, he faced Sergio Oliva, who was the greatest bodybuilder of that time. Sergio even beat Arnold once. To the left are the two of them showing off their muscles, and to the right, Sergio and Kellie in 1975.


(For those who might say Kellie's movies are insignificant compared to Arnold's, and that there is nothing to them - that Arnold's are more important and big assignments, while hers are small time, let's look at the facts. Arnold is chosen to play in movies, which, yes, are famous in the public eye and everyone enjoys them. However, Arnold only has to ACT and nothing else. Most of the work is done by other people. Here is the genesis of Kellie's movies: Kellie does most of the work. She is the casting director, and writes the script. She tells her actors what to do and how to do it. She directs, she produces, she pays. She is always advertising and selecting talent. She herself, of course, has to act and dance in many of the movies. In the 12 years of movie production she also takes 10,000. photos by herself and with help. Then it was she, herself, who did all the marketing for the movies. Small time compared to Arnold? Not in the sense of work and accomplishment because SHE DID MUCH MORE WORK THAN JUST ACTING.)

Arnold is a household word, but Kellie gets some interesting publicity, also. She appears on numerous national talk shows preaching female supremacy and is one of the factors in setting up "REALITY TV." Her first "hit" - REAL PEOPLE - A NEW CONCEPT FOR THAT TIME THAT SPAWNS OTHER REALITY SHOWS. (Her story in 1979 of Stripping for God was the piece that generated Real People. It was the reason producer George Schlatter, of "Laugh In," decided to take Real People to the big time.) In 1987, Ted Koppel has Kellie's clip from the "Sally Jessy" show and announces, 'THIS IS REALITY TV.'

Then, in 1988, Kellie Everts is on the Morton Downey Jr. Show and makes headlines. He has pushed her, belly bumped her, threatened to pull out his penis, rips off her microphone, throws her back in her chair, and then in an outpouring of filth calls her heinous names. This is because KELLIE IS THE ONLY WOMAN THAT CAN STAND UP TO HIM. Kellie sues him for 40 million and ends up on dozens of shows and the front page of the NEW YORK LAW JOURNAL. This kind of publicity is not pocket change.

5. Both Arnold and Kellie "retire" from movies about the same time and both have the same next step: PUBLIC SERVICE. Arnold becomes GOVERNOR OF CALIFORNIA, and Kellie Everts starts working on her new MATRIARCHAL CHURCH.


Gov. Arnold was not the only Governor Kellie knew way back when. Here she is with future Governor of New York Mario Cuomo at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Feast in Brooklyn, 1975. He was then assistant to the Mayor of New York.


6. Both Arnold and Kellie have been the targets of accusations, scandal and rumors, especially in the area of morals.

7. Kellie Everts had a wonderful affair with Mickey Hargitay, the former husband of Jayne Mansfield. Arnold Schwarzenegger plays the part of Mickey Hargitay in a movie.


Arnold played the part of a man that Kellie had a steamy love affair with in 1967-68, Mickey Hargitay. Mr. Hargitay really got around. He was the favorite lover of Mae West, then he married Jayne Mansfield and had three children with her. (Mariska is gorgeous and becoming a star) When Kellie met him she knew why he was so loved. He was one of the most gentle, sexy and beautiful men she had ever known. He was sexually magnetic. She was impressed with Arnold's portrayal of him.

Above left is a photo of Arnold and Loni Anderson in the movie of Jayne Mansfield's life. A jealous boyfriend of Kellie's ripped up the only photo of her and Mickey, so to the right is a Photoshopped image of Kellie with Mickey, how she looked when she knew him. Below is an image of the real Jayne Mansfield and Mickey doing adagio.

Karen K. Clark photo of Kellie Everts at the IFBB Mr Olympia-Mz Americana 1974. Here you can compare the great Jayne and Kellie. Kellie had the highest regard for her and both are Lithuanians! To be comparable to Jayne in any way is still a great compliment to Kellie. She admired her Chutzpah as well as her body. If you look at Jayne's body you can see in her arm and abdomen that she exercised and lifted weights.
Two photos of Kellie Everts taken at the time of Mickey Hargitay - probably 1967. Both photos have a story. On the left Kellie is wearing one of the dresses, belonging to Jayne Mansfield, which Mickey gave her. He would not give her any of the opulent ones which he said belonged to the estate, which had been sold. This number was linen and light pink and very tight. When Kellie gained weight above the 127 pictured here, it burst at the seams. He also gave her a pink cashmere coat. The location here is a house Kellie rented right on the edge of Beverly Hills, 1860 Heather Court, off Heather Road, off Coldwater Canyon Drive. On the right Mickey Hargitay was torn off the photo by a jealous boyfriend. He was gazing adoringly at Kellie, and this was taken at a nightclub. Mickey probably has a copy of this, but when Kellie contacted him in 2002 he did not reply; probably due to his wife. If anyone knows what happened to the photos of Roy Gerow, we could locate this and more photos. Roy Gerow, who Kellie met through Mickey, did a heinous thing to her. He wanted to sponser her in the Mz Press Photographer, Los Angeles contest, but Kellie was friends with another photographer who did the honors. One day she saw Gerow pull into her driveway at Heather Court, pick up the hood of her 1958 Corvette, and smash her you want to be beautiful?


8. Both Arnold and Kellie have used their nude and near-nude bodies to get ahead. Both have utilized boldness and willpower to accomplish difficult things. They climb over stumbling blocks, like ridicule and criticism, to achieve their goals. They have expansive personalities and both play roles that are mostly tough, but sometimes soft.

9. Both Kellie and Arnold are DOMINANT and require SUBMISSIVES or FOLLOWERS to tag after them. They're leaders, and so the clash. But with Arnold - he has to lead and you follow - or you're out of the picture. Kellie won't follow, even though Arnold has his way with her backstage, and that explains why he de facto pushes her off the posing platform in 1974. He ABSOLUTELY REFUSES TO SHARE THE SPOTLIGHT WITH SOMEONE UNLESS HE DECIDES IT'S RIGHT FOR HIM.

(Arnold has trouble recognizing that there are people out there who are as strong and smart as he. He can see Joe Weider that way, he can see the President of the United States that way, but he probably can't see Kellie Everts that way. Maybe he's outraged that she is strong and wants to sort of get her out of the way. In a relationship, you have dominants and give-ins, or else you have equals who cooperate. It's rather hard to dominate Kellie Everts, the Avatar of Female Empowerment! Arnold Schwarzenegger sees Kellie Everts only as a sex object - which is not a good idea. Unlike most women, she fights back.)





1. Kellie has always been extremely religious and gives credit to God for all her abilities. Arnold says Arnold did it himself.

2. On May 27, 1978, before Our Blessed Mother, Kellie Everts took a vow of celibacy which she has always kept. Arnold has never taken a vow of celibacy, and probably has no intention of becoming celibate any time soon.





* Look at the difference between Kellie Everts and the other ladies of body building. With HER, it is a PATTERN OF ORIGINALITY and BOLDNESS. Like so:

* First woman to gain fame as a NUDE beauty queen, featured in Playboy. Creates a sensation for 1968. (Right after that, there is a flurry beauty queens in burlesque who call themselves things like Ms. Nude Canada, Ms. Nude California, Ms. Nude Whatever, and Kellie learns from agents that they are all fakes. They just made the titles up. They are beginning to imitate her.)

* First woman bodybuilder in 1975 goes on national tv, top magazines in the U.S. and world.

Does this ALONE with no other women icons until 1979, when the rest of them start. With no help from the bodybuilding establishment, she stars in the first book on bodybuilding by a female, January, 1981.

* The ONE AND ONLY STRIPPER FOR GOD, she is called, "The Enigma," "She Dances to Save Men's Souls," etc. She preaches before or after each performance of her striptease act and is covered by TVNews and Front Page stories in every town she works, plus international media: Stern, Eva Express, Paris-Match, 60 Minutes Australia, and documentaries in Italy, etc. They can't imitate her on this as nobody has the COURAGE nor the ANOINTING she has.

* Preaches the message of world peace spoken by Our Lady of Fatima and gains worldwide attention for the message. Miracles happen as people pray the Rosary for Peace. Communism ends in 1991, just as Our Lady said: 'MY IMMACULATE HEART WILL TRIUMPH. RUSSIA WILL BE CONVERTED.'


Click thumbnail the see Kellie in the Washington Post announcing Kellie's speech Our Lady Of Fatima. This speech was the catalyst for Our Lady Of Fatima's power which ended the Cold War.



* Through numerous television appearances as a one-of-a-kind person as well as colorful combative conflicts with hosts and audience, Kellie Everts helps usher in REALITY TV.

* Kellie Everts has her own television show called 'I STRIP FOR GOD,' in Manhattan, and her own Storefront Church, for which she gets national publicity six times in 1998.

* 2004 - Kellie Everts has launched a new Matriarchal Church. It is being secretly built on the internet under a new name. It already has hundreds of articles and images, and will soon be unveiled. It is a new religion and fresh perspective being brought to mankind.




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